CSSE Department Loses Respected Emeritus Faculty Member

Dr. Gene Fisher, a beloved and respected professor of the Computer Science and Software Engineering department, passed away December 1, 2019.

CSSE Department Loses Respected Emeritus Faculty Member

Dr. Fisher joined the department in 1990 and was a full-time teaching faculty member until his retirement in January 2016.

He taught a wide variety of classes over the years, including graduate and undergraduate software engineering; graduate and undergraduate programming languages; system programming; the introductory computing classes; human-computer interaction; and an introductory graduate seminar on how to conduct thesis research.  He was the Department Graduate Education Coordinator for many years.  After retiring from teaching, he continued his research, focusing on the use of formal methods in software engineering.

Dr. Fisher has been described by colleagues as a true friend and mentor.  An outstanding professor who deeply cared about his students and the department.  He had a sense of humor and clear heart and mind, always focused on what really mattered, student learning and experience.

Words cannot capture how much Dr. Fisher will be missed.