Chris Lupo Department Chair – Professor clupo@calpoly.edu 14-254 Computer Architecture, Parallel and GPU Computing, Performance Optimization,
Paul Anderson Associate Professor pander14@calpoly.edu 14-222  
Hisham Assal Lecturer hhassal@calpoly.edu 14-240  
Stephen Beard Assistant Professor srbeard@calpoly.edu 14-214 Security, Architecture, Compilers, Language, Performance
John Bellardo Professor bellardo@calpoly.edu 14-235D Satellites, Embedded Systems, Networks, Operating Systems, Distributed Systems, Security
Bruce Burton Lecturer baburton@calpoly.edu  14-240  
Rodrigo Canaan Assistant Professor rcanaan@calpoly.edu  14-207 AI, Games, Co-Creativity, Evolutionary Computing, Quality-Diversity Algorithms, Machine Learning, Reinforcement Learning
John Clements Professor clements@calpoly.edu 14-208 Programming Languages, Notional Machines for Computing Education, Continuation Marks, Functional Languages, Compilers, Music, CS Education
Bruno da Silva Assistant Professor bcdasilv@calpoly.edu 14-223 Human and Social Aspects in SE, Tools for Software Development Productivity, SE Education, Software Developer Experience, Mining Software Repositories, Emotion and Sentiment Analysis applied to Software
Bruce DeBruhl Associate Professor bdebruhl@calpoly.edu 14-214 Security and Privacy, Automotive Security, Wireless Security, Software Security
Alex Dekhtyar Professor dekhtyar@calpoly.edu 14-210  Databases, Machine Learning, Data Science, Software Engineering
Christian Eckhardt Assistant Professor eckhardt@calpoly.edu 14-221  
Sussan Einakian Lecturer seinakia@calpoly.edu 14-202  
Phoenix (Dongfeng) Fang Assistant Professor dofang@calpoly.edu 14-207  
Kris Fox Lecturer jfox@calpoly.edu 92M-B105  
Hasmik Gharibyan Professor hghariby@calpoly.edu 14-207 Theoretical Computer Science
April Grow Assistant Professor amgrow@calpoly.edu  14-209 Games, Physical Crafts, Procedural Generation
Bret Hartman Lecturer bahartma@calpoly.edu    
Paul Hatalsky Lecturer phatalsk@calpoly.edu 14-203  
Michael Haungs Professor mhaungs@calpoly.edu 14-228 Game Design, Game Implementation, User Centered Design, User Experience, Mobile Apps, Web Apps, CSC Education, K12 STEAM Outreach
Irene Humer Lecturer ihumer@calpoly.edu 14-245  
Brian Jones Lecturer btjones@calpoly.edu  14-236  
Ayaan Kazerouni Assistant Professor ayaank@calpoly.edu 14-229 Computing Education, Software Engineering, Software Testing
Aaron Keen Professor akeen@calpoly.edu 14-228 Programing Languages, Compilers, Static Analysis, CS Education
BJ Klingenberg Lecturer bklingen@calpoly.edu  14-236  
Foaad Khosmood Professor foaad@calpoly.edu 14-213 Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, Video Games, Data Science, Digital Government
Franz Kurfess Professor fkurfess@calpoly.edu 14-218 AI, Human-Computer Interaction, Ethics and Social Justice in AI and Machine Learning
Ulf Lindqvist Lecturer ulindqvi@calpoly.edu 14-240 Security, Critical Infrastructures, Applied Cryptography
Scott Machado Lecturer sjmachad@calpoly.edu 14-240  
Andrew Migler Lecturer amigler@calpoly.edu    
Theresa Migler Assistant Professor tmigler@calpoly.edu 14-226 Graph Theory, Algorithm Design, Network Analysis, CS Education, CS Outreach, CS Theory (Complexity)
Kirsten Mork Lecturer klmork@calpoly.edu 14-236  
Joydeep Mukherjee Assistant Professor jmukherj@calpoly.edu 14-219 Software Performance Engineering, Cloud Computing, Internet of Things, Machine Learning, DevOps
Sumona Mukhopadhyay Lecturer mukhopad@calpoly.edu 14-202 Data Science, Machine Learning, Object Detection, Open CV
Phillip Nico Professor pnico@calpoly.edu 14-205  
Maria Pantoja Associate Professor mpanto01@calpoly.edu 14-211 High Performance Computing, Parallel Programming (OpenMP and GPU), Distributed Systems (MPI and goLang), Reliability in Distributed Systems, Acceleration of Deep Learning
David Parkinson Lecturer dsparkin@calpoly.edu 14-240  
Zachary N J Peterson Associate Professor znjp@calpoly.edu 14-215 Security, Cryptographic Engineering, Computer Security Education, Storage Systems, Games and Play, Interactive Fiction, Interactive Art, Applied Cryptography
John Planck Lecturer jplanck@calpoly.edu 20-200  
Mugizi Rwebangira Assistant Professor mrwebang@calpoly.edu 14-218  Machine Learning, AI, Computational Neuroscience
John Seng Professor jseng@calpoly.edu 14-231  Robotics, Embedded Systems, Computer Architecture
Christopher Siu Lecturer cesiu@calpoly.edu 14-236  
Hugh Smith Professor husmith@calpoly.edu 14-216  Networks, Embedded Systems
Lubomir Stanchev Professor lstanche@calpoly.edu 14-230  Databases, Semantic Computing, Machine Learning, Data Science
Freyja (Clark) Turner Professor csturner@calpoly.edu 14-222  
Michael Van De Vanter Lecturer mvandeva@calpoly.edu 92M-B105  
Jonathan Ventura Assistant Professor jventu09@calpoly.edu 14-227  
Kurt Voelker Lecturer kvoelker@calpoly.edu 14-202  
Zoë Wood Professor zwood@calpoly.edu 14-209 Computer Graphics, Rendering, Games, Visualization, Computer Science Education
Julie Workman Lecturer jworkman@calpoly.edu 14-206  

Affiliated Faculty

Jane Lehr – Professor & Chair Women & Gender Studies jlehr@calpoly.edu 47-25F
Dennis Sun – Assistant Professor Statistics dsun09@calpoly.edu 25-109
Enrica Lovaglio Costello – Art and Design elovagli@calpoly.edu  34-163
Jean Davidson – Biological Sciences jdavid06@calpoly.edu  33-267

Active Emeriti

Charles Dana – Professor chdana@calpoly.edu 14-240
Tim Kearns – Associate Professor tkearns@calpoly.edu 14-245


Leanne Fiorentino Administrative Support Coordinator lfiorent@calpoly.edu
Teresa Medrano Administrative Analyst Specialist tlmedran@calpoly.edu