applying to the blended b.s. + m.s. program

Applications to join the BMS program are accepted every quarter, except summer, from eligible Cal Poly B.S. students.  The applications and all letters of recommendation are due by the end of the second week of instruction.

The next application deadline is Friday October 4th, 2024.

The application requires a statement of purpose, a resume, and contact information for three recommenders.  Confirm with the recommenders they are willing to provide you with a good recommendation prior to submitting their name.  The application is submitted in two parts.  The first part requires your background information and the contact information for your recommenders.  Completing this part early will give your recommenders the most time possible while you continue revising your statement of purpose and resume.  Submitting the first part does not obligate you to finishing applying to the program.  The second part only asks for your statement of purpose and resume.

Once you have the contact information for all your recommenders complete the form here.  This will email you an AdobeSign document that is the first part of the application process described above.  Complete this as soon as possible.  Once part 1 is complete AdobeSign links will be sent out to your recommenders with instructions for submitting their recommendations.  In addition a link will automatically be sent to you for part 2 of the application.  Note that the recommendations also need to be received by the application deadline.

The URL for part 1 of the BMS application is .

Do not fill out any application forms you may find on the graduate education website.  If you do they will be denied and you will be referred to this application process.

GWR Requirements

Transitioning into graduate standing requires that your GWR is complete as indicated on your PolyProfile*.  If your GWR is not completed in time to transition to graduate standing before your finish your BS requirements Cal Poly will graduate you and you will no longer be eligible for the BMS program.  There is no exception to this policy.  If you are considering applying to the BMS program the best advice is to complete the GWR requirement* as soon as possible.  If you want to press your luck the exact timing requirements are:

  • GWR must be complete* prior to applying to the BMS program IFF you are applying the same term you finish your BS degree requirements.
  • Otherwise GWR must be complete* at least one term before you finish your BS degree requirements

* This means your PolyProfile must show “Complete” for GWR.  Being enrolled in a class doesn’t count.  Having received a passing grade / score in a GWR course or portfolio doesn’t count.  Your PolyProfile must show it is complete.  There are no exceptions.

When to APPLY

You should apply no later than two quarters prior to graduation. For example, if you are finishing your B.S. at the end of Spring quarter you should apply during the prior Fall quarter.  If you apply more than two quarters in advance and are not admitted you can still apply in subsequent quarters.


One big factor is making sure there is a good match for your thesis – as that is a big part of the program. A well-written statement of purpose can have a big impact on your application. Things that make a difference in your statement of purpose are:

When selecting people to write letters of recommendation pick individuals who are in a good position to evaluate your ability to be successful in a Computer Science graduate program.  Some recommenders, for instance band directors, can provide character references but not evaluate your Computer Science aptitude.  Try to avoid such recommenders where possible.