J.L. Moore Fellowship OVERVIEW

The CSSE department is excited to offer fellowships to Cal Poly student pursuing a Ph.D. in Computer Science.  The fellowship was established in 1999 by J.L. Moore and has assisted many Cal Poly alumni since then.  To be eligible you must hold a B.S. or M.S. degree from Cal Poly in any major.  You must also be working on a Ph.D. in Computer Science during the award year.

The fellowship is typically $12,500 per year, but may be less depending on the number of applicants and the available funding.  The fellowship can be renewed up to two times also subject to funding availability.


The application deadline for AY23-24 is Monday June 3rd, 2024.  All application material must be received by this day.

Application Process

The application is submitted electronically via AdobeSign via the link below.  In addition to general background information (contact information, degree program, school attended, etc) you must supply:

  • Resume highlighting relevant academic and professional experience
  • Personal Statement of goals and objectives in pursuing a Doctoral degree in Computer Science
  • Proof of admission to a Computer Science Doctoral program

The application MUST be submitted via AdobeSign.  To begin the process complete the form at https://adobesign.calpoly.edu/PowerForm/3AAABLblqZhBkRCVeE3bP2eVsX2we-hQR_QThRwSxhS3Vd66gqMUV6t1gNW2U-4UOI4k66Doe7y0uDvGRnKH2m-EEZS6PE4AJ.