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Senior Project

Have questions about a Senior Project? Visit our Senior Project webpage for more information!


Pitch2Programmers is a unique way for Seniors to get connected with stakeholders/advisors/project managers/faculty to find a senior project that is a great fit. Learn more by visiting our Pitch2Programmers webpage. 

Latest News

2022 Virtual Open House (4/11 - 4/14)

Join us for our virtual open house events from Monday, April 11th through Thursday, April 14th . 

Register for our Welcome Session webinar 4/14 @ 5:30 PM  by following this link

For more information see our CSSE/CSC Virtual Open House Events Schedule.

CSSE Virtual Minecraft Graduation

Click the following link for a Zoom recording of the  department graduation in Minecraft.

Zoom passcode: p9TA@eY1

2020 Virtual Senior Project Expo

The Engineering Project Expo is an annual, spring event that celebrates student work in the Cal Poly College of Engineering. The 2020 Virtual Senior Project Expo is an opportunity for students to showcase their innovations and senior projects in a virtual setting. These projects typically involve teams of students from multiple departments and multi-year efforts.

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