Pitch 2 Programmers

at Cal Poly (virtual asynchronous event)

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The goal of this asynchronous event is to bring senior students at Cal Poly and stakeholders/advisors/project managers/faculty together.

Learn how to sign up for senior project and hear from potential clients, teams and advisors about available projects you can start working on now! This “event” will be conducted entirely asynchronously through surveys and flipgrids leading into project team formation.
(Now accepting for senior projects starting in winter.)
  • Are you looking to pitch a project? Please register by filling out the Student Registration Form below. We will follow up shortly.
  • Project Pitches Deadline: Register and post pitch video to Flipgrid by November 20th at midnight.

Student Looking for a project?

  • Are you looking for a senior project? 
  • Please indicate your interest by filling out this short form. We will follow up shortly.

  • Student Deadline 1: Register and post introduction to Flipgrid by Friday, November 13th at midnight.
  • Student Deadline 2: View pitch Flipgrid and fill out preference survey by Nov 23th at midnight.

want to volunteer as faculty advisor?

Most but not all project pitches require a CSSE Department faculty advisor. If you are a CSSE faculty member and would be willing to advise, fill out this short form.


This is an asynchronous networking event and as such we can be more flexible in terms of organization. Our goal is to provide asynchronous opportunities to pitch projects and to get to know our students. The pitches and videos are just the first step to organizing introductions.

The deadline for students to officially register for their senior project is by Wednesday of the second week of classes (assuming classes start on Monday).

Flipgrid (video recording) links will be provided for both pitches and for student introductions after filling out a registration form. You may register more than one project, but for organizational purposes, we would like a separate registration form for each. If you’ve never used Flipgrid before and have any questions, please reach out to us. It allows you to record short videos and share your screen.

Follow up surveys and other communications will be provided to students and pitch presenters according to the deadlines to the left.

Student Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I sign up / enroll?
        Answer, email Leanne at lfiorent@calpoly.edu and copy your faculty advisor with the class you would like to enroll in. (I am working on a AdobeSign document, but it will not be in place for the fall).

  • What class should I enroll in? (CSC 491, 492, 497, 498)
        Answer varies depending on your degree plans. Any student can take either senior project sequence (491+492, or 497+498). Both satisfy the undergraduate degree requirement for senior project. BMS students can also take either, but there are implications. If a BMS student takes 491+492, they MUST also take 596+597 to satisfy the grad requirements. If a BMS student takes 497+498, they CAN’T take 596+597, but must take another 500-level course to satisfy the grad requirements. If you plan on applying for the BMS program, consult a faculty advisor on which course sequence is best for you.

  • When do I need to have a project?
        Answer, before you enroll in senior project.

  • When do I need to enroll by?
        Answer, before the last day to add for the quarter. Check the deadline schedule for the exact date.

  • How do I find a faculty advisor?
        Answer 1, if you have your own project idea, email individual professors to see if they are willing to advise you.
        Answer 2, if you have a project from pitch2programmers, we will work with you to find an advisor during this process.

Pitchers/Advisors Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the checklist to participate in Pitch2Programmers?
        (1) Review the deadlines and schedule on this webpage.
        (2) Fill out the pitch registration form for each project you would like to pitch. The organizers will then send an email with information on recording your pitch within 24 hours.
        (3) Record your pitch. The organizers will then follow up with introductions between students and pitchers according to the deadlines.
  • Can I register more than one project?
        Answer: Yes. Please submit an individual form for each project with a descriptive project name.

  • I am not a faculty member of the Computer Science and Software Engineering (CSSE) Department, how do I team up with a CSSE faculty member?
        Answer, we will work with you to find the required advisor during the process.

  • What is the role of the CSSE Department faculty advisor?
        Answer, the minimum duties of a project faculty advisor is to articulate the expectations and objectives of a senior project, which includes helping to appropriately scope the work (more than a weekend, not so much as to deserve a doctorate), 2 units worth of work each quarter, etc. Many advisors do more of course.

  • I am a CSSE Department faculty member. I would like to be an advisor, but I do not have a specific project to pitch. What should I do?
        Answer, please volunteer using this form.

  • Does filling out the volunteer form as an advisor lock me into anything?
        Answer, no.

Please let us know if you have any questions!