Registering for Thesis Classes

M.S. and B.M.S. students are required to take 9 units of thesis coursework, including 590 (1 unit), 596 (2), 597 (2), and 599 (4).  590 helps walk you through the process of writing and defending a thesis.  You will get the most out of this class if you know your thesis topic before enrolling, though that isn’t always possible.  You can enroll in 590 in the same way as any other class.

596, 597, and 599 are supervisory courses and have a different registration process.  First, you need to find a thesis advisor and mutually agree on a topic, as described here.  Then you need to obtain a permission and course number to enroll.  To start this process fill out the online form (here).  You will receive an AdobeSign document via email to complete.  Once completed the department office will issue you a permission number.  You need to do this every quarter you are enrolled in a supervisory course.